GF - gluten free

M - modified to be gluten free

mac & cheese

smoked mozzarella, pulled pork, crispy onions $10


braised short rib tacos

sambal, pesto, fig jam,

feta GF $10


kung-pao calamari

sweet chili, sriracha, peanuts, scallions GM $12


chicken lollipops

buffalo, blue cheese, cucumbers

GF $8

beer broth mussels

blue cheese, bacon,

fried onions GM $12


fried avocado wedges

corn salad, pickled radish, queso fresco, chipotle aioli $10

firecracker shrimp

wonton $11


surf & turf tacos $12

blackened cod - pickled veggies, spicy aioli


carne asada - pickled jalapeño, charred scallion, cilantro M

add seared tuna $6

add blackened steak $8

add grilled chicken $6

add crispy tofu $5

arugula & chilled sticky rice

pickled carrot, scallions with cucumber wasabi dressing $10.00 suggested protein seared tuna $6


kale & radicchio

brussels, broccoli, tossed in orange thyme vinaigrette, topped with crumbled blue cheese and roasted tomatoes GF $10

suggested protein

blackened steak $8

grilled savoy cabbage

fried garlic chips and green goddess dressing GF $10

suggested protein

grilled chicken $6


super salad

five grain blend, arugula, kale, pickled radish, avocado, ginger dressing $10

suggested protein crispy tofu $5


fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, crispy onions,

herb aioli on brioche M $12


black bean falafel

na’an bread, tzatziki, brussel slaw, tomato $12


pulled pork bahn mi

korean bbq, pickled veggies, ginger mayo, orange

glazed biscuit M $12 

#1 chicken sandwich

fried chicken thigh, pickled cucumber, spicy

aioli on brioche $11


sushi burrito

sesame seared tuna, sticky rice, avocado, pickled vegetables, cucumber wasabi dressing $12


blackened fish burrito

spicy aioli, pickled vegetables M $11

breakfast bowl

homefries, creamed spinach, eggs and linguica scramble, cheddar cheese M $12


pork benny

poached eggs, biscuit, spiced pork, hollandaise, fried onion,

home fries M $12


c & b breakfast

2 eggs, bacon, homefries,

whole wheat toast M $8


brunch burger

ground chuck, candied pork belly, sunny-up egg, cheddar, hollandaise on a toasted bolo M $16

cereal french toast

gran marnier scented, sweet cream butter and maple syrup (changes weekly) $12

add strawberries + whipped cream $4


avocado toast

blistered tomatoes, pea tendrils, pickled onions, olive oil $8


breakfast burrito

sautéed kale, sweet potato, avocado, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, chipotle aioli, home fries M $12


steak and eggs

blacked sirloin, fried avocado, spicy aoili 2 eggs, sweet potato hash M $16

Rhode Island Department of Health advises that raw or partially cooked food may be harmful to one’s health.

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