strawberry rose slush

strawberries, rose vodka, lemon juice, sprite $11


mango mojito

cruzan light rum, mint, fresh lime, simple syrup $12


pink elephant

basil infused tito's, strawberry puree, pink peppercorn simple syrup, ginger beer $12


espresso martini

svedka vanilla, kaluha, baileys $11


white sangria

pineapple, mango, simple syrup. cointreau $10


broadway all star

shot of evan williams, homemade pickle juice, miller highlife served in a  brown paper bag $9


pineapple jalapeno margarita

grilled pineapple, jalapeno simple syrup, herradura silver tequila, triple sec $11



cruzan dark, goslings dark, amaretto, brown sugar simple, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice $10


the princess c 

herradura reposado tequila, elderflower liqueur, muddled strawberries, fresh lime $11


peanut butter mudslide 

svedka vanilla vodka, kaluha, baileys, pb, chocolate syrup $12


the real keel 

fishers island lemonade, keel vodka, wild berry puree $12


frozen pina colada 

cruzan dark rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice $11


pain killer 

cruzan dark rum, oj, pineapple, cream of coconut $11


oreo mudslide $12

strawberry daiquiri $11

GF - gluten free

M - modified to be gluten free

truffle butter popcorn 4
potato crisps with cilantro sour cream 4

pretzel sticks w/beer cheese 9
fried green beans spicy remoulade 8
tofu bites sweet chili  7


chicken and corn chowder $7

spicy roasted red pepper hummus

grilled naan bread, cucumbers $12

street corn guacamole

 fried tortilla chips $14

mac & cheese

smoked mozzarella, pulled pork, crispy onions $12

 short rib tacos

sambal, pesto, fig jam,

feta GF $12

blackened cod fish tacos

pickled carrots and radishes, lemon aioli $13 

chicken lollipops

buffalo, blue cheese, cucumbers


fried avocado wedges

corn salad, queso fresco, chipotle aioli $11

beef & chedder em "panadas" $10

kung-pao calamari 

sweet chile, peanuts $14



summer wedge

romaine heart, candied pork belly, strawberries, goat cheese, hearts of palm, toasted almonds, aged balsamic vinaigrette $14

kale & radicchio

brussels, broccoli, tossed in orange thyme vinaigrette, topped with crumbled blue cheese and roasted tomatoes GF $12

warm brussel sprout salad

crispy prosciutto, feta cheese, green goddess dressing  $12

add seared tuna $7

add blackened steak $8

add grilled chicken $6

add crispy tofu $6

add grilled salmon $8




fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, crispy onions,

herb aioli on brioche $14


black bean falafel

na’an bread, tzatziki, tomato $13

grilled salmon blt

brioche bun, roasted garlic aioli $14

korean black bean & quinoa burger  

avocado, lettuce, tomato, lemon aioli, toasted brioche  $13

#1 chicken sandwich

fried chicken thigh, pickled cucumber, spicy aioli on brioche $12


sushi burrito

sesame tuna, sticky rice, avocado, pickled vegetables, cucumber wasabi dressing $14

pulled pork burrito 

grilled corn salad, queso fresco, chipotle aioli $13



tuna poke bowl

citrus scented rice, avocado, mango, edamame, pickled vegetables, sesame wasabi dressing $22


half chicken

jerk seasoning, sweet potato wedges, collard greens  GF $20

tamarind balsamic glazed duck 

 black garlic mashed, green beans, apple cider braised onion demi $26


miso cod 

roasted shiitake mushrooms, farro, sauteed kale, citrus miso glaze  $22

shrimp & mussels

sambal beer broth, peppers & onions, linguica, grilled baguette $24


braised short rib paperdelle

parmesan $22

tuna 'says a me'

rare sesame tuna, tempura s

quash, wasabi rice, spicy aioli GF $24

new york strip

cauliflower and celeriac mash, brussels, cherry tart bordelaise GF $28

spicy sambal tempeh 

lo mein noodles, peanuts, cilantro $19

ban mi bowl

kale & brussel blend, quinoa, avocado, pickled veggies, fried tofu, roasted peanuts, sweet & sour dressing $20


black garlic mashed 5

fries 4

sweet potato wedges 5

 brussel sprouts 5

cauliflower & celeriac mashed  6

sautéed green beans 5

wasabi rice 4


ice cream sandwich 

peanut butter cookie, chocolate ice cream, dipped in dark chocolate $7 

strawberry rhubarb bread pudding

vanilla ice cream $9



cinnamon sugar, honey sirracha dipping sauce $9


chocolate chip skillet

homemade chocolate chip cookie, candied bacon, vanilla ice cream $9

fisher's island freeze pop $6

(must be 21)


wine by the glass


Glen Ellen Chard 8.5

William Hill Chard 10

Chloe Pinot Grigio 9

13 Degree Celsius 9

Petrassol Rose 10

Kung Fu Girl Reisling 9

Gooseneck Prosecco 10

Sunday Funday Sparkling Rose 11

Nicolas Pinot Noir 9

Glen Ellen Cabernet 8.5

Broadside Cabernet 11

Altos Malbec 9


wine by the bottle


Rose & Sparkling

yes Way Rose 30

Peyrassul Rose 32

Gooseneck Prosecco 32

The Diver Sparkling 42



Chloe Pinot Grigio 32

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 45


Glenn Ellen Chardonnay 28

Broadside Chardonnay 32

Mannequin Chardonnay 60

Butter Chardonnay 30

William Hill Chardonnay 32

Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse 59

The Snitch Chardonnay 54

The Lioness Napa Valley Chardonnay 2017  105

Chateau Montelena Napa Valley Chardonnay 2017  114


Les Deux Moulins SB 30

13 Degree’s Celsius SB 30

Kim Crawford SB 32

Spy Valley SB 36

Blank Stare SB 69 


Kung Fu Girl Reisling 28


Glenn Ellen Cabernet 28

Broadside Cabernet 38

Freak Show Cabernet 39

Two Hands “Sexy Beast” Cabernet 69

Faust Napa Valley Cabernet 2018  120


Nicolas Pinot Noir 32

Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir 42

O.P.P. Pinot Noir 51


Broadside Merlot 32

Raw Power Shariz 28

Bar Dog Red Blend 28

Skelton Melbec 28

Altos Melbec 32

Andres Plateau Cota 36

Vivir SIN Dormir Red Blend 30

Funk Zone Red Blend 42

Minute Papillon 45

8 Years in the Desert 98





Whalers 6

Truly Wild Berry 5

Sam Seasonal 5

Brooklyn lager 5

Chair 2 Lager 5 

Blue Moon 5

Stella 5

Loose Cannon IPA 6

Ragged Island Hoop House IPA 6

bottles & cans


Bud Light 4

Bud 4

Two Roads Session IPA 6

Corona 5

Down East Cider 6

O’Mission Pale Ale 5

Single Cut IPA 8

Second Fiddle DBL IPA 9

Black Cherry White Claw 7

Guiness 6

Allagash 6

Anchor Steam 5

Coors Light 4

Corona Light 5

Fat Tire Amber 5

Anchor Steam 5

FoolProof Grotto IPA 6

Abita Purple Haze 5

Fishers Island Lemonade 8

Heineken 5

Laganitas IPA 6

Michelob Ultra 5

Miller Light 4

Narragansett Lager 4

Proclamation Tendril IPA 9

Strong Bow 5

Tecate 3.75 

Fin Du Monde 8

Grey Sail Captain's Daughter 7

Pebble DBL IPA 9

June Shine Hard Kombucha 6

Jam up the Mash up 6

Finback Rolling in the Clouds 9

Rhode Island Department of Health advises that raw or partially cooked food may be harmful to one’s health.